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Matthew Banks
Encoding of auditory information in auditory; effects of general anesthetics
Michele Basso (Steering Committee Member)
Neural basis of cognition
Erik Dent
The role of the cytoskeleton in axon outgrowth and guidance
Miles Epstein
Regulation of neuronal differentiation and neurotransmitter phenotype
Timothy Gomez
Regulation of axon guidance by second messengers
Rick Jenison
Computational neuroscience in sensory systems
Jeff Johnson
Genetic engineering for Alzheimer's Disease and Parkinson's Disease; amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and Huntington's Disease.
Stephen Johnson
Cellular mechanisms underlying respiratory rhythm generation and plasticity
Mathew Jones
Kinetics of GABA binding and GABAA receptor gating;  neural information encoding.
Joseph Kemnitz
Nonhuman primate models; regulation of food intake and energy expenditure; aging
Keith Kluender
Sensory and learning processes of speech perception
Lingjun Li
Neuroproteomics; biological mass spectrometry
Joseph Newman
Psychobiological processes affecting behavioral self-regulation and pathological dysregulation
Luis Populin
Sensorimotor integration
Bradley Postle
Functional magnetic resonance imaging and transcranial magnetic stimulation to study cognition.
Clive Svendsen
Biology of neural stem cells: fate choices in vitro and repair following transplantation
Daniel Uhlrich
Neural modulation of visual signals in the thalamus; photosensitive epilepsy
Peter Van Kan (Steering Committee Member)
Neural control of reaching to grasp in awake behaving primates
Tom Yin
Sensorimotor transformations in the mammalian central nervous system.
Su-Chun Zhang
Embryonic stem cells; neural differentiation


David Hsu
MRI techniques to study brain structure in children with developmental disabilities; physico-mathematical models of brain dynamics.
Sterling Johnson
Studies of brain function in patients with cognitive disorders
Michael R. Koenigs
Human lesion studies; emotion, decision-making, and social behavior.
Paul L. Kaufman
Primate ocular accommodation; ocular fluid drainage; optic neuropathy
Barbara Klein
Determining cataract, macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, optic nerve problems from images
John Kuo
Molecular biology of normal and tumor-derived neural stem cells
Ruth Litovsky
Binaural hearing and speech
David Niemann
Neurological endovascular surgery/interventional neuroradiology
Robert Pearce
Hippocampal oscillations and memory; studies of gene-targeted animals
Joanne Robbins (Steering Committee Member)
Enhancing function of the bulbar innervated musculature with particular interest in swallowing and speech outcomes.
Paul Rutecki
Epilepsy and EEG signal analysis.
Karl Sillay
Neurostimulation systems for movement disorders, pain, and epilepsy; neurosurgical navigation and neuroimaging; endovascular approaches for functional neurosurgery
Dandan Sun
Molecular mechanisms underlying ischemic brain damage
Guilio Tononi
Neural basis of consciousness; functions of sleep
Vivek Prabhakaran
Human brain mapping in normal and patient patient populations


David Beebe
Engineered microenvironments
Walter Block
Diagnostic, functional, and interventional MRI neuroimaging methodology
Bradley Christian
Developing and translating novel positron emission tomography (PET) methodologies
Susan Coppersmith
Condensed Matter
Marina Emborg
Animal models of neuorolical disorders for clinical translation
Aaron S. Field
Quantitative MR imaging of myelin disease and repair in the CNS
Michael Gleicher
Pictures, video, visualizations, animation, and virtual environments
Kristyn S. Masters
Synthesis of bioactive materials that direct cell function, characterization of cell-material interactions, tissue engineering, drug delivery
Beth Meyerand (Co-director, Principal Investigator)
Magnetic Resonance Imaging methods to aid in the understanding of brain function in different disease states.
William Murphy
Tissue engineering, drug delivery and gene therapy
Robert Radwin (Steering Committee Member)
Quantification of human performance; design of human-machine interfaces for functional augmentation and rehabilitation.
Eric Shusta
Role of astrocytes, neurons and neural stem cells in formation and maintenance of the blood-brain barrier and consequences for brain drug delivery
Darryl Thelen
Biomechanics; motor control; locomotion
Tomy Varghese
Ultrasound elastography or strain imaging for detecting and classifying vulnerable plaque
Barry Van Veen
Statistical signal processing algorithm development and analysis
Justin Williams (Co-director, Principal Investigator)
Engineering interfaces with the nervous system for diagnosis, discovery and treatment of neurological disease and disorders.

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